Life Transition Consults

Navigating Life Transitions: Relationships, Wealth, & Happiness

Life is about more than wealth and wins. Success is steering through life’s crucial changes. Balancing careers, relationships, parenting, and resources means simplifying complexities. The aim: streamline your journey to a more fulfilling, well-lived life.


Shawn T. Mason, PhD

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Model of Transitions

Consider the number of physicians and business owners in the top 1-2% income bracket in the U.S., especially those who didn’t come from such affluent

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How it Works



Family Enterprise Consulting is Evolving

“Wealth 3.0 is notable for its focus on strengths, inclusion, collaboration, and rigorous professional practice. Drawing from the burgeoning field of positive psychology, it emphasizes possibility, positivity and creativity using the strengths and resources individuals and families already have.”

Dr. Jim Grubman

World Renowned Family Wealth Consultant and Thought Leader

“We tend to thrive when we see opportunities for growth, not when we are in defensive mode.”

Dr. Jim Loehr

World Renowned Performance Psychologist and Thought Leader